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We are an office full of numbers people- the Precisely Right team will provide you with comprehensive and accurate financial reports, help you understand how the flow of your business “works”, assist you in maintaining local, state, and federal compliance, as well as work with you to develop a company plan that best suits your primary goals. We’re here to listen, interpret, and strategize with you.

Accounts Payable

Cash disbursements, entry of individual paid invoices, entry of monthly totals of bills paid, checking account reconciliation, timely reporting.

Accounts Receivable

Originate invoices to send to customers, monthly or periodic statements, collection calls to customers, posting of detailed sales invoices, posting of monthly totals from receipts and records, timely reports available.

Financial Statements

Balance sheets and income statements available at request.

The PRA team, led by Cynthia Knapp, E.A., is a highly diverse group who work together to ensure every level of your financial and professional life runs at optimal efficiency. To this end, we are excited to offer clients a new Business by Design program where we take our in-depth knowledge in areas such as business establishment and filing, payroll set-up, hiring and training staff, marketing, logistics, government contracting, acquisitions, supply chain and liability issues, logistics, and exit strategies applying that foundation to assist you in making business decisions that best suit your goals. We also work with non-profits and a number of other organizations.

Business by Design can cut time, stress, and money spent on starting up a new company but remember, this is your company so our job is to give you every consideration through our consultations but it’s up to you to decide how our team moves forward.

We can help take some of the stress out of your day through our financial planning services. The PRA team enjoys working with clients to map out goals, form clear strategies for achievement, and prioritizing today’s finances for a more successful tomorrow. By working with your investment advisors, insurance agents, and banking specialists we can create your own personal team focused on minimizing risk, paying off debt, swelling savings, and increasing that cash flow.

Cynthia can also tell you how moving what you’ve already saved and invested to different accounts and plans can affect your bottom line during tax time or, on the flip, how you can better invest those funds to see some tax relief.

Your personal and business finances are a top priority to you and, in turn, are a top priority to us. Let’s strategize on how we can help you plan for a long and prosperous future.

As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, Cynthia Knapp, is uniquely equipped to advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, organizations, estates, and businesses. Supported by a team with their own specialties, Cynthia has the experience you’re looking for in all tax matters.

With our online document portal clients have the ability to turn in, sign, and gain access to tax documents from virtually anywhere. We do, however, still love old school face-to-face communication so feel free to use our online booking app or give us a call to schedule a visit to our office. All tax returns are prepared based on the information provided to us by our clients; therefore, your tax return is only as accurate as you are and you are responsible for reviewing your preparation before signing and filing. This makes communication between our team and clients vital. In the end, our job is to provide you with preparations based on current tax code with the knowledge provided. Click over to our “Fees” tab for information about base-line pricing or the “Helpful Documents” tab for checklists, resources, and authorizations.

Payroll isn’t as easy as simply writing a paycheck. Today’s business owners are required to stay up-to-date with the ever changing state and federal laws regarding employees while navigating multiple departments to remain in compliance. Instead, save your company’s time and resources by looking to one of our Payroll Specialists for solutions to your employee needs. We literally have people who get excited about L&I seminars and what the new W4 will look like. They really know their stuff, are great with the various agencies, and consistently look for new ways to streamline the filing process. We can compute payroll, compute tax deposits, compile quarterly payroll reports, provide year-end preparation of employee tax records such as forms W2 and 1099, as well as maintain all employee earning records.

As previously stated, PRA is a different kind of accounting firm. We are not here to sell you anything nor are we working for you; we are here to work WITH you in whatever way you feel best suites your business. This approach can be seen in application when it comes to our QuickBooks services.

While we are happy to offer clients full-service bookkeeping where we enter everything for you and provide financial statements periodically, some business owners enjoy more of a “hands on” approach. To meet these needs and help clients get the most out of their business accounting software PRA offers a couple options: QuickBooks Assistance and QuickBooks Instruction.

QuickBooks Instruction

No kidding, we will actually teach you what we know. QuickBooks Instruction is exactly how it sounds; you come in, sit down with one of us (by appointment) and we will teach you how to do your own bookkeeping. Why would we do that? Well, the answer is we have found that individuals with small businesses who want to do the bookkeeping themselves will more than likely try doing it themselves with or without instruction anyway which really mucks things up when we try preparing their tax return. This teaching method saves certain people in this office from developing that ‘tax time twitch’ which really helps us all.

QuickBooks Assistance

This path allows clients to enter any, or all, data they are comfortable with themselves. They then allow us access or sit down with one of our bookkeepers to go over the entries to ensure everything is in the proper place. Any corrections that need to be made are explained to ensure moving forward the client knows correct data entry practices.